Chattanooga Civil War Round Table
Two Flags Over Tennessee
Missionary Ridge - November 18, 2007 - 3:00 PM
Sponsored by the Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association
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High atop Historic Missionary Ridge, "Two Flags" participants stand in front of the Illinois Monument at the Bragg Reservation. Several visitors gather with Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association Executive Director Mary Ann Peckham and Director Sam Elliott (3rd and 4th from left). Also pictured are Jim Ogden, Chickamauga & Chattanooga NMP Historian (holding the U. S. Flag) and Chattanooga Civil War Round Table member, Harvey Scarborough (holding the C. S. Flag).

The Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association sponsors the “Two Flags Over Tennessee” program. TCWPA, partnering with local preservation groups, is flying two Civil War-era flags: an 1861 version of the U.S. “Stars and Stripes” featuring 34 stars, and the 11-star, 1861 Confederate “First National” flag, known as the “Stars and Bars,” over all of Tennessee’s most significant Civil War battlefields. Where possible, the U.S. flag flies over Union battle positions and the First National flag over Confederate battle positions. The two-year journey will end in December, 2007, after flying over as many as 50 major battlefield sites in Tennessee. As the flags criss-cross Tennessee, the events are being documented in two large scrapbooks collecting and preserving photographs, letters, and news articles from activities and events at each location.

During the first year of the two-year program, the flags have flown at Fort Donelson, Fallen Timbers, on the Memphis Queen Riverboat commemorating the first battle of Memphis on the Mississippi River, Parkers Crossroad, Hartsville, Hoover’s Gap, Davis Bridge, Spring Hill, Franklin, and at Stones River. During this first year, incidents of the battle of Chattanooga were commemorated at Wauhatchie in October, 2006 and on Lookout Mountain in November, 2006. This year the flags traveled to east Tennessee in January for “Two Flags” events at Dandridge and Fair Garden near Sevierville, to Fort Pillow, Collierville, Milton, Murfreesboro and Shiloh.

"Two Flags Over Tennessee: Reclaiming our Civil War Heritage" recognizes Tennessee's most important battlefields and emphasizes the importance of finding ways to preserve this hallowed ground, where thousands of American soldiers, wearing both blue and gray, gave their lives for the causes in which they fervently believed.

Additional information about the event is available by (contact info here including email: or by writing to TCWPA, P.O. Box 148535, Nashville, TN 37214-8535.) TCWPA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, protecting, and interpreting Tennessee's Civil War battlefields for the benefit of present and future generations.

Following this event, Jim Ogden led the group on the mile and a half walk along the Crest Road as part of the National Park Service's 144th Anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Missionary Ridge (November 24 - 25, 1863).